Greene Clemente Pittsburgh Shirt


Bless youthere is simply no better person to be at the helm of our great country I am hoping for a Greene Clemente Pittsburgh Shirt compete exoneration in november and that we the people give you some better tools to wrok with namely the house and senate great job you have my vote for as long as you are able to run as well as your son thank you so much for caring for the people and our country thank you for standing for us. They wont show it because they are living in denial and nobody likes being intimidated by success new englandis behind you. Trumpi will support him the only ones suffering is the one that are blinded by the fact he is trying to make this country great again by the way our constitution was set up by our founding fathers if you dont like it leave that will be the best thing for you and our country and I will not apologize for standing for my country

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